It’s important to first highlight why consumers are choosing to support businesses that are transparent in their production.

Almost 5 years ago to the day, the world was shaken with the news of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh. A global tragedy, that saw the loss 1,134 innocent lives. The event occurred partly because of poor working conditions, an overcrowded factory, and some dubious business practices.

Choosing a product that has been ethically made ensures that the hands that created your product had above-average working conditions and were treated with dignity and respect.

Choosing a rug that is ethically made

Here are 3 knock-on effects that occur when you buy an ethically made product:

1. You encourage environmentally friendly production and defend humane working conditions

Ever heard that quote by L.N Smith, “Every dollar you spend... or don't spend ... is a vote you cast for the world you want.” These are particularly wise words and consumers are taking it to heart. We are becoming increasingly inspired to support businesses that are either ethically produced or environmentally friendly or in most cases, both.

Social Influence has played a huge part in the substantial growth of this industry and we are seeing more and more brands compete with industry leaders that have for a long time dominated the market. In this instance, by purchasing an ethically made product – you get your pie and you get to eat it too.

Handmade with love direct from the makers rugs from sukhi

2. You uplift communities

You may not have the time to go with a hands-on approach to supporting your local communities and that is completely okay. Buying a product that has been ethically produced is another way you could uplift and empower communities around the globe. For example, at Sukhi, we preserve age-old rug making traditions in Morocco, India, Turkey, and Nepal. And, our passion is to not only empower our skilled artisans but to ensure they earn above-average wages as many artisans have families they take care of.

The result is that our artisans live comfortably and their children can get an education, uplifting the families both now and for the future.

empower skilled rug making artisans earn good wages making felt ball rugs

3. You play a key role in both the present and future of our planet

By purchasing an ethically made product, you are putting a direct message out to brands that ethical practices are more important than cheap prices. Each dollar you spend has a lot of weight behind it and it’s pretty exciting that you get to decide where you spend it considering the ripple effect it will have on consumerism, communities and our environment.

Looking at the above, it’s evident that your impact matters and becoming an advocate for brands that align with your values is powerful. Conscious consumerism is a growing trend that encourages slow design high-quality products, and connections between artisans and consumers resulting in a safer and healthier environment for all involved.

At Sukhi, we not only support this trend – we encourage it by being transparent in the production of our rugs and the communities that share their skill and tradition with us to create memorable and unique rugs for our customers. Meet our wonderful team based in India here .

ethically produced felt ball rugs wool

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